The goal for the "Random Access Memories" project was to create a piece for my 3D for Designers class that fit in line with the Daft Punk brand and to give their album a promotional push heading into Grammy Season. The assignment was to create a 20-30 second long piece that showcased masks of some kind, so I chose my favorite robot heads and got to work. 

Purpose: 3D for Designers Final Project

Credits: Storyboarding, 3D modeling and animation, and editing.

Lasers were made using lights with visible beams that were then thrown a grid cloner. They were animated with a combination of hand animation and mograph effectors. 

The disco lights were an homage to the classic Daft Punk video "Around the World". They were created using cloners and mograph effectors to get the color changing effect. 

This is a test render for the disco light scene.